About Us

Electromed Recycling handles all dental and medical equipment recycling or decommissioning according to the WEEE Directive and ROHS law. With more than six million tonnes of electronic waste generated in the European Union each year, the growth of pressure across Europe to legislate for environmental disposal has been significant.

The EC directive on waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE directive) affects the dental and mediacl industries on how they dispose of their old equipment. It is no longer an option to 'skip it' (the bulk of which, ends up in landfill sites).

  • Electromed Recycling provides a unique service of recycling all dental and medical equipment from NHS, private dentists, hospitals, primary care trusts and corporate companies across the UK.
  • MILK ROUND - We do a national pick up of small items such as autoclaves, suction motors and pumps, xrays and amalgamators on a regular basis.
  • Duty of care is yours - it is not an option for one man and his van or a friend or even the company installing new equipment unless they are licensed. If it finds it's way to unauthorised tipping then hefty fines are the outcome.

All equipment carry serial numbers stamped all over them it is easy to trace.